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best fertility centre in delhi best fertility centre in delhi
best fertility centre in delhi best fertility centre in delhi

Best Infertility Management Center In Patna

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Best Infertility Management Center In Patna

Infertility Management Training

( At NIRS )

Neelkanth Institute of Reproductive Science (NIRS) offers the best infertility management training course in Gurgaon. Neelkanth Hospital Pvt. Ltd. manages NIRS entirely. It was founded with the goal of developing and grooming expertise for reproductive treatment. The Academy's specialist staff includes some of the world's leading fertility treatment scholars and teachers. NIRS brings together creative and experienced educators from all around the world to train and teach learners to challenge traditional thinking and create a bright future in the field of IVF. All didactic seminars on Assisted Reproductive Technology (ART) at NIRS are held in advanced laboratories.

    Topics We Cover

  1. Expert Lectures and Symposia
  2. Clinical Case Discussion
  3. Expert Lectures and Symposia
  4. Research Activities
  5. Best in class Simulator-Based Practice
  6. Hands-on Training at its Fines
  7. Rules and guidelines for ethics
  8. Best laboratory practices and quality management
  9. Participation in Clinical / Laboratory Research
About World IVF centre
“Course Available with University Certification ”

Course Objective

The infertility management training course will be a full training course aimed for specialists interested in a career in reproductive medicine, whether clinical, research, or teaching. By the end of the Infertility Management Program, students will be able to do the following:

  • Can easily assess an infertile couple and provide a working diagnosis in two visits.
  • To personalize the treatment plan to the patient's needs, ovulation induction and controlled ovarian stimulation may be performed.
  • Can understand and deal with challenging circumstances such as low ovarian reserve, poor responders, past OHSS, many failed IVF-ICSI cycles, recurrent pregnancy loss, and so on.
  • Can conduct a thorough pre-ICSI evaluation of the patient, including personalizing the decision to execute ICSI at the most suitable moment depending on the patient's unique characteristics.
  • Can treat a wide range of therapeutic issues relating to the development, function, and aging of the human reproductive system.
  • Can perform a variety of reproductive medicine surgical procedures, including diagnostic hystero-laparoscopy, Level-II endoscopic procedures such as adhesiolysis, endometriotic cyst removal, ovarian cystectomy, selective ovarian drilling, myomectomy, and so on, as well as specific infertility procedures such as intrauterine insemination. TESA, PESA, oocyte retrieval (egg lift), and embryo transfer are all procedures.
  • Can have vaginal/abdominal ultrasound scans, including Doppler scans, follicular monitoring, and 3D and 4D fertility scans.
  • Understands the techniques, interpretation, benefits, and limitations of many different reproductive medicine laboratory/imaging procedures.
  • Begin an independent infertility practice, including the development of an IVF lab, with assistance from our center.