Aug 12, 2023


Aug 12, 2023

Thyroid Disorders: How It Affects Your IVF Journey

Thyroid disorders can have a significant impact on your fertility and IVF journey. It's important to understand how these disorders can affect your reproductive health and what steps you can take to address them. Here's what you need to know about thyroid disorders and IVF:

What are thyroid disorders?

The thyroid is a gland in your neck that produces hormones that regulate your body's metabolism. Thyroid disorders occur when the thyroid gland is not functioning properly, either producing too much or too little of the hormones it produces.

  • How do thyroid disorders affect fertility?

Thyroid disorders can affect fertility in both men and women. In women, high levels of thyroid hormones can interfere with the menstrual cycle, leading to irregular periods or difficulty becoming pregnant. Low levels of thyroid hormones can also cause fertility issues by disrupting ovulation. In men, thyroid disorders can cause low sperm count and poor sperm quality.

  • How are thyroid disorders diagnosed?

Thyroid disorders can be diagnosed through a blood test that measures the levels of thyroid hormones and thyroid-stimulating hormone (TSH) in your body.

  • How are thyroid disorders treated?

The treatment for thyroid disorders depends on the specific type of disorder and its severity. Treatment may involve medications to regulate hormone levels or surgery to remove part or all of the thyroid gland.

 Low levels of thyroid hormone can interfere with ovulation, the release of an egg from the ovary, which is necessary for pregnancy to occur. In addition, some underlying causes of hypothyroidism, such as autoimmune or pituitary disorders, can also impair fertility. It is important for women with hypothyroidism to receive treatment as part of any efforts to correct fertility issues.

Symptoms of hypothyroidism in women can also be similar to early pregnancy symptoms, such as extreme tiredness, weight gain, and sensitivity to cold temperatures. In more severe cases of hypothyroidism, the body's metabolism may slow down, causing sluggishness and a range of other symptoms. It is important for women to be aware of the potential impact of hypothyroidism on fertility and to seek medical treatment if necessary.

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