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best fertility centre in delhi best fertility centre in delhi
best fertility centre in delhi best fertility centre in delhi

Best IUI Center In Patna

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Best IUI Center In Patna

IUI ( Intra Uterine Insemination) Training

( Course Overview )

Neelkanth Institute of Reproductive Science (NIRS) offers the best IUI training course in Gurgaon. Neelkanth Hospital Pvt. Ltd. manages NIRS entirely. The purpose of the NIRS IUI course is to teach students how to use all of the fundamental equipment required to begin IUI treatment for any patient. The course covers basic physiology, how to use anti-Mullerian hormone in practice, how to analyze male and female collaborators, how to use oral ovulogens and gonadotropins, how to monitor follicle development, and how to improve IUI success. The training will also teach you about sperm preparation in full.

NIRS will show you how to manage many areas of fertility testing as well as some tactics for having a successful IUI pregnancy using the methods listed below.

    Topics We Cover

  1. GnRH Analogues' Function in the Physiology of Ovulation
  2. Male Partner Analysis and Semen Analysis Interpretation
  3. Tubal Patency Testing
  4. Good practices in Infertility Management
  5. Evaluation of the Infertile Female and the Role of AMH
  6. Oral Ovulogens and how to use them
  7. Gonadotropins in IUI
  8. Follicular Monitoring in IUI
  9. Ovulation Trigger
  10. IUI and Luteal Phase Support Success
  11. Semen Banking
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Course Objective

NIRS, Gurgaon provides an entire course that includes fundamental endocrinology sciences, IUI stimulation protocols, in-depth stimulation drug use, IUI laboratory construction, and semen processing. Trainees will receive hands-on education in follicular scanning, sperm preparation, IUI, and patient counseling. This is intended for doctors who want to practice reproductive medicine.

Students will be educated about IUI treatment after completing the curriculum by covering the following topics:

  • the selection of patients and initial evaluation for IUI
  • Knowledge of patient selection and IUI laboratory setup
  • Understanding of the fundamental concepts and the technical elements of semen processing and analysis for IUI
  • Hands-on training – semen processing methods
  • Understanding factors affecting male fertility